Soul Of Earth & Wes Felton Plant Seeds For “Ellington International” Follow Up

“Ellington International” isn’t even out yet but we see the signs for another collaboration album for Wes Felton. The track, “We’re In This Together”, is produced by Soul Of Earth with the magic of our favorite creative collaboration partner, Wes Felton. It will first appear on Wes’ mixtape, “Diary Of A Misanthrope” (9/27/11 release date), then more than likely on a second collaboration album with Soul Of Earth following “Ellington International”.

Funny story about this track….. we created the music on Monday originally intended for Crossrhodes (Wes’ collaboration project with Raheem DeVaughn), Wes called us Wednesday morning saying that he “…need some inspiration”. We emailed the track to him around 3pm, he sent it back completed around 7pm. Thursday morning I looked on my facebook… and he’s shot, uploaded, edited and posted a video for it. All that in less than 24 hours! That’s true artistry and creative hunger right there. What a talent!


Here’s the video: “We’re In This Together”




Here’s the video “Ya’ll Aint Never Seen No Shit Like This” from the forthcoming album, “Ellington International”:

Wes Felton “Ya’ll Ain’t Never Seen No Shit Like This” [Video] from FunkJazz Kafé®/Life Arts Films on Vimeo.

Here’s the Crossrhodes (Wes Felton/ Raheem DeVaughn) video, “Admit It”.