Soul Of Earth x Omar Has Caught The Ears Of Okayplayer!

Soul Of Earth_Okayplayer June 2013_2

We were pleasantly surprised by the sudden influx of responses to an article that we didn’t even know was coming! Really! We didn’t really realized what was happening until we saw a Facebook post by Spreadlove co-founder, Aishah Rashied Hyman.

Soul Of Earth _Breaking post_July 2013

It really speaks to the broad reach has around the world. People hit us from all over the world! It was definitely an unofficial “coming out”… and we’re glad it happened because now we can serve you with more (Peep the EPK video on the side)! Thanks to all of the sites that wrote something on our song “This Is Something Gettin’ Heavy” featuring soul legend Omar Lye Fook, OBE!

Here are a few of the links:

and this comment by deecreative was very interesting…. Comment




Radio Meltdown
This one is a review on Omar’s album, “The Man”. The found us too and through in the stream to “This Is Something Gettin’ Heavy” featuring Omar. Thanks!
Commercial Break Culture



We even got some great radio play on Jamal Ahmad’s coveted 2pm -6pm show, “S.O.U.L”. -WCLK 91.9 Atlanta! Thanks for giving us some play !

Heavy on WCLK -3 Heavy on WCLK -4