Carl McIntosh Of Loose Ends Discusses How Their Sound Came Together.

This is one of those rare jewels in terms of interviews and the information that’s in it. Our Soul Of Earth brother and comrade, Carl McIntosh of the pioneering British soul/R&B group, Loose Ends, (now The Loose Ends Experience in the UK) gives us the inside to the sound that was the foundation of Loose Ends. Here’s Carl’s bio via Red Bull’s website:

Perhaps the slickest funk/soul group of the mid-’80s and one of the UK’s finest musical exports, Loose Ends and Carl McIntosh weren’t just the bomb in ’85 – they’ve gone on to influence countless of today’s dance producers and DJs around the world. As well as penning the timeless “Hangin’ On A String”, Carl has crafted keyboard and guitar chops for soul supremos like D’Angelo, Beverly Knight, Caron Wheeler and Leon Ware as well as DJ Pete Rock. A master of songwriting and laying down the groove, Carl reps for the old school style of melody and harmony, and although he is a fond advocate of the sample and hold approach to tune-making, in Carl’s opinion the modern day over-dependence on samples is like giving running spikes to a lame man.

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